Welcome to the Black Tot Rum Club!

This club is a space to unite rum lovers near and far, to share in the love of rum education and create a tot-focused community!


Join the Black Tot Rum Club for monthly virtual seminars with special guests from the rum industry (signing up to the club gets you access to the Zoom room to interact with the host and guests!), regular special Rum Club competitions with excellent prizes, a bi-monthly Rum Club newsletter full of rum articles and Black Tot updates, sneak previews at upcoming projects, and much more.


We can’t wait to embark on a rum journey with you!

Trivia of the Week:
The Burden of Proof

Proof in the UK is considered to be 57.15% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Anything above this ABV is considered ‘overproof’, anything below this proof is considered ‘underproof’. It should be noted that the US considers 100 proof to be 50% ABV, so there can sometimes be confusion here when switching between the two systems!


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