Classic Rum Cocktails


60ml Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum 20ml fresh lime juice 10ml sugar syrup 10-12 mint leaves Top with soda water Garnish: fresh mint sprig


  • Build the rum, mint, fresh lime and sugar syrup together in a highball glass.
  • Fill halfway with crushed or cracked ice and churn together with a spoon.
  • Top with a dash of soda, more ice and a mint sprig.


Making your own sugar syrup

  • To make sugar syrup - mix equal parts sugar with cold water and stir together until dissolved.
  • For a richer syrup, mix two parts sugar to one part water.
  • Keep in the fridge - this will last up to a month.



  • With mint leaves a lot of the flavour and smell is trapped inside the cell walls of the leaf itself - while holding the mint clap your hands once to break down these walls and release the minty aroma!


  • For mojitos it’s traditional to use broken down ice cubes, called crushed or cracked ice - you can either break up ice cubes into smaller chunks or else just use smaller size ice cubes to mix.


  • Switch out the soda water for Champagne or Prosecco and you have a Mojito Royale!
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