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Black Tot Finest Caribbean is inspired by tradition and the motivation to blend delicious rums from around the world. Our Head Blender, Oliver Chilton, has developed a recipe featuring some of the world’s finest rums while creating a new and individual style. With nothing added or taken away, our final blend has been selected for its ability to allow the individual flavours of each rum to shine.

We have balanced innovation and tradition in Black Tot Finest Caribbean - inspired by the navy rum blend of the past, but evolved to create a rum that can be enjoyed today, and tomorrow.

Bringing together the rich flavour profiles of Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica has created a rum with tropical, coffee and chocolate notes. Aged entirely in the tropics, which produces bolder flavours at a younger age, Finest Caribbean is intended as a delicious sipping rum as well as bringing an extra depth to tasty cocktail creations.

We never chill-filter or sweeten Black Tot Finest Caribbean as we want to present it in its purest form.

Awards & Accolades

  • Gold


    The Spirits Business Rum & Cachaça Masters 2020

  • Gold


    The Spirits Business Rum & Cachaça Masters 2021

  • Gold


    International Spirits Challenge 2023

  • Steve Rush, The Whisky Wire

    'Goes on as long as a Caribbean house party! ... An absolute belter of a blend…'

  • Simon Difford, Difford's Guide, 4.5/5

    'Classic British navy rum style.'

  • Wes Burgin, The Fat, 4.5/5

    'It’s an absolutely fantastic Navy style rum…'

  • Olly Smith, The Daily Mail

    '"Fruity and fabulous with breezy spice: set sail for the new frontier of rum"'

Tasting Notes

From The Producer

  • Nose

    The copper-coloured liquid is immediately inviting, with tropical breezes of pineapple, melon and a feast of Caribbean sweets. Thick scents of banana fritters, plantain tarts, overripe mango and crème brûlée are lifted by fresh honeysuckle blossom and eucalyptus.

  • Palate

    Rounded and rich, with butter toffee, banana cream, and caramel to start. Gentle cinnamon and allspice build with more fruit – baked apples, pineapple cubes, and dried mango – joined by coffee, dark chocolate, and black pepper.

  • Finish

    Chocolatey coffee fades, leaving roasted bananas and a tingle of anise.


Black Tot Finest Caribbean balances the fruity, honeyed notes of Barbadian rum, the full-bodied elements of Guyanese rum and the intense, funkiness of Jamaican rum, while allowing each of these individual styles to shine. Below you will see the breakdown of our blend composition in percentage terms. We put enormous value on transparency, and so we are delighted to share our recipe with you.

  • Barbados


    The birthplace of molasses rum in the Caribbean. Barbados is famous for elegant and balanced blends of pot & column still rum, with notes of tropical fruits, vanilla, and coconut.

  • Guyana


    Guyana historically has been one of the world’s leading producers of molasses and rum, and it was undoubtedly the heart of the Navy Rum blend. Despite the consolidation of its many distilleries, Guyana’s historic stills have survived and continue to make a variety of rich and flavourful rum marques at Demerara Distillers.

  • Jamaica


    Classically a heavier style pot-still rum, Jamaican distilleries like Hampden utilise longer fermentation times, as well as wild yeast strains, and the addition of dunder and muck pits in their molasses ferment to create distinctively big, funky flavours.

Technical Specifications

  • Raw Material

    Raw Material


  • Distillery



  • Distillation


    Barbados & Guyana pot/column still and Jamaica pot still

  • Cask Type

    Cask Type

    Ex-bourbon 200 litre white American oak casks

  • Maturation


    100% tropically aged in country of origin

  • Chill Filtered

    Chill Filtered


  • Blend Composition

    Blend Composition

    A blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana



    0g/L added | 0.64g/L imparted from the barrel

  • Bottled



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    Coloured Glass
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A sipping rum great for cocktails

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