50th Anniversary

We would like to welcome you to our celebration of the 50th anniversary of Black Tot Day.

The 31st July 1970 will always be remembered for a “barbaric act by government” - as eloquently put by John Hume (former Royal Navy Stores Accountant) - stealing away the sailors’ rum, and ending over 200 years of tradition. However, we prefer to celebrate this day, as it led to our discovery of the Last Consignment of Navy Rum.

Black Tot Day is an opportunity to share that rum and its story far and wide. For us, it is also the inspiration to create our own rum blends so that no one has to go without their rum ration ever again.

Below you will find all the ways you can join in with our celebration, raise a tot of rum and call out the tall ships toast with friends and likeminded rum lovers across the world.

May we never let the Tot die again. Long Live the Tot!

The History of Black Tot Day

The very last rum ration was issued aboard ships of the British Royal Navy on the 31st July 1970 – a day forever known as Black Tot Day…

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Black Tot 50th Anniversary Rum

To celebrate this special date, we have created a commemorative limited edition blend.


Tastings And Events

Join us for upcoming tastings, masterclasses and other events.


Ambassadors & Cocktails

Ambassador Shops

Find a list of our retail partners across the world who are joining in on the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Our ambassador shops are helping us celebrate the 50th Anniversary by spreading the exciting story of Black Tot and introducing as many people as possible to its charms.


50 Cocktails by 50 Bartenders

See our partner bartenders' cocktail creations for the Black Tot 50th Anniversary. Owing to the marvellous creativity of these bartenders, there's a barrel-load of inspiration to allow the flavours of Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum to shine through.


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50 Years of Black Tot Day: Recreating the Navy Blend

This year we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day, on which the Royal Navy officially brought to an end the 239-year-old tradition of the daily rum ration.

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The Golden Tot Cocktail

Try our Golden Tot cocktail, created by Black Tot Global Ambassador, Mitch Wilson, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day.

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24 Hour Rum Festival

On Friday 31st July, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day and the world of rum with a 24-Hour live rum festival! Catch up now on Facebook or YouTube.


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