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Black Tot Last Consignment is a piece of liquid history. It was bottled from antique stone flagons containing the last stocks of Royal Navy Rum which laid untouched for over four decades. The naval blend of rums such as this one had continually evolved for over 100 years, with much of it coming from distilleries long since lost.

After 239 years of tradition, the last rum ration was issued aboard ships of the British Royal Navy on the 31st July 1970 – a day forever known as Black Tot Day. For many years after this, sealed away in those antique stone flagons, the rum we now call Black Tot Last Consignment was drawn upon only for use in state occasions and royal weddings.

Remarkably, after all these years, Black Tot Last Consignment is still 54.3% (95° proof), almost exactly the original Navy issuing strength. This is a historical blend that can never be recreated.

Tasting Notes

From Dave Broom

  • Nose

    Initial treacle notes precede dark chocolate with super-ripe black fruits, muscovado sugar and walnuts. A drop of water releases flavours of black banana, liquorice root and tamarind paste with an exotic edge of balsamic.

  • Palate

    Starts off thick and sweet with a burst of cassis, black coffee and cacao, leading into a finish of scented wood, forest fruits and cigar tobacco. Truly dark and powerful, with a century of rum-making craft showing in every drop.

  • Finish

    Very long with light scented wood, black fruits and cigar tobacco.

Technical Specifications

  • Raw Material

    Raw Material

    Molasses, though could very well have sugarcane juice or cane syrup based rums too.

  • Distillery



  • Distillation


    Pot and Column still

  • Cask Type

    Cask Type

    A mix of many different woods and barrels including wine, sherry, bourbon and others

  • Maturation


    Tropical, dynamic, and continental ageing

  • Chill Filtered

    Chill Filtered


  • Blend Composition

    Blend Composition

    Various - continuously blended in wooden vats from the early 1800s through to 1970.



    0g/L added

  • Bottled



Recycling Information

  • Bottle
    Coloured Glass
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  • Capsule
    Tin Capsule
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  • Cork
    Not recyclable
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