Our Journey

Our Journey


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Guyana is considered one of the 'Hearts of the Tot'.

The discovery of five casks of 40-year-old Demerara rum, near empty from the angel’s share, led to the limited release of Black Tot Rare Old. Though a single island release, Guyana was considered one of the ‘Hearts of the Tot’ - as Demerara rum had played such an integral role in the original Navy Rum blend. As such it felt fitting to put this rum under the Black Tot moniker. Distilled in 1975, this rum was birthed in the Port Mourant Double Wooden Vat Still, while it was housed at the now lost Uitvlugt distillery. Less than 300 bottles were created of this exceptionally old Guyanese rum, with rumours that a small portion is still resting in a cask somewhere…

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