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Black Tot Rum Club

We are delighted to announce that we now have a Black Tot Rum Club podcast! After the past 18 months of many Zooms, Facebook Lives and Streamyards across all aspects of life, we figured that you might all be pretty jaded by video content by now. So we figured, why not take a pause from video for a while, and turn our Rum Club seminars into podcast form? Meaning it's now a whole lot easier for you to tune in to our Rum Club seminars on your commute to work, at a friend's place or while cooking dinner.


Over the next couple of months, we'll be posting the audio from all of our previous video seminars to our podcast, so that you'll have the chance to catch up. Our first seminar catch-up is our May 2020 Rum Club with the wonderful Matt Pietrek of Cocktail Wonk - visit here to listen.


The Rum Club podcast is also available on Spotify and will be rolling out to other providers in the coming days and weeks. And keep an eye out for some brand new seminar announcements coming your way in the next few months too!



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